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Women and men differ in a variety of ways. When choosing an arizona addiction treatment program, individuals need to keep this in mind. By selecting a program that specializes in substance abuse treatment for women, people find the addict receives a program that is tailored to their needs. While programs that work with both genders will be of benefit, several advantages may be seen by selecting a gender-specific facility. Following are some of these benefits.

Why a Gender-Based Facility?

A drug rehab program can help individuals overcome a wide range of dependencies. This includes a prescription drug addiction, an addiction to alcohol, or a dependency of an illicit substance. Women who take part in a gender-based program find they feel safe, which is of great importance as she may be a survivor of abuse or another traumatic event.

Treatment Options

When taking part in a christian rehab for women program, individuals will likely engage in psychotherapy to help aid the recovery process. Many centers make use of cognitive behavioral therapy although others can be employed. The goal of the therapy is to help the patient identify those situations that lead to the substance abuse and how to cope with them. Medication may be needed during the withdrawal process and for coping with cravings, and participants engage in individual and group discussions to help with the recovery. Community support is of great importance at this time, and women feel free to discuss things more openly when men are not present.

The Risk of Relapse

Every addict is at risk of relapse. However, women may have certain situations that are unique to their gender and put them at a higher risk. For example, a woman who has undergone severe childhood trauma which has yet to be treated may turn to drugs again upon leaving the Women's Addiction Treatment Program. The program needs to account for this. Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on the recovery process, and women may find it difficult to end their relationships with others who abuse substances. The program needs to take all of this into account and work with participants to help them cope with these situations without turning to drugs.

Gender-based programs should never be overlooked when seeking help for an addict, especially when it comes to women. Every person deserves a life that is happy and healthy, and the right program can be of great help in achieving this goal for a female addict. Consider this option today.


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